Resole Your Climbing Shoes

When is it time to resole your climbing shoes?

To know when it is the right time to resole, you need to keep an eye on the line between the rand and the sole.

It’s time to resole your climbing shoes when that lines dips beneath your big toe.

At this point, the sole near the front of the shoe is thin, and the rand is still not worn (it should feel firm-ish). This is the BEST time to resole.

If you wait longer before you do so, the rand will begin to wear down too.

In the above photo, you can see that the sole has worn completely down, the rand is just beginning to wear down and a hole has appeared. This shoe will need a new rand as well.

If you can, you want to avoid getting to this stage, because changing the rand might change the shape of the shoe, which would in turn affect comfort and performance. This might also limit the number of resoles you can do.

Anyway, if I were to keep climbing with the shoe in this state, eventually a hole would appear in the leather and the shoe would no longer be repairable.

Where to get your shoes resoled in Singapore

In Singapore, there’s only one re-soler I know of – Stik’n’Grip.

It’ll cost you $65 for a resole, and an extra $10 if you need a new rand.

All you need to do is drop your shoes off at an affiliated climbing gym and then fill in their online form.

Where to get your shoes resoled in Australia

Western Australia – Rock Cobbler Multi Service

Queensland – Scotty Dog resoles

New South Wales – Sticky Rubber Resoles

Australian Capital Territory – Climbing Resoles

How to minimise having to resole your climbing shoes

Keep your climbing shoes in good condition – only wear them while you’re climbing!

I’ll update this post when my shoes have come back from Stik’n’Grip.