Hi, I’m Xiu and I currently reside on the sunny island of Singapore.

I started on this journey of making stuff and printmaking because I wanted to help animals AND find a way to express myself creatively.

Most of my work is inspired by nature and animals and aimed at raising awareness about vulnerable, endangered or misunderstood species. I also strive to reduce waste and increase awareness about reducing waste. Many a time you’ll find that the materials I’ve used will be things I’ve salvaged from one place or another… like using the paper placemat from a restaurant I’ve dined at to make a one of a kind print, or rescuing throw away clothes to make chalk bags. I’m also very conscious about my material choice, and choose non plastic, non toxic, recycled as much as I possibly can.

Taking a page from Molly Lemon (who is a wood engraver also inspired by nature), I’m also donating $1 from every item I sell that is below $50, and $2 from every item I sell that is $50 and above to a non-profit organisation (of my choice) that is involved in animal conservation, environmental protection or women’s education.

Besides animals and nature, I love rock climbing, food and cooking, receiving snail mail (that’s not bill related!), just about everything botanical and increasing my self-awareness (i.e. consciousness). The blog and my Instagram page captures more of my adventures in these areas.

Would you like to say hello? Ping me below.