Get to know yourself better

Who Am I? (SGD$30.34) – A journal by the School or Life which gives you lots of self-reflective questions.

Inner work

Katie Byron’s The Work (free) – ‘The Work’ provides is a series of prompts that help you ‘access the wisdom that always exists within you’. She also has some free worksheets. Just look for the word ‘DOWNLOAD’ at the top right corner of her site.

Work work

Sparktype (free) – According to their website, your Sparktype is « the essential nature of work that fills you with meaning and lets you feel fully-expressed, alive with purpose and absorbed in flow (“sparked”) ». Their website has a quiz designed to help you which Sparktype you are.

How to fascinate (USD$59) – How does the world see you? Find out in this test


Spirit Animal Quiz: What’s Your Animal Ally? (free) – According to Luna & Sol who are Spiritual Counsellors and Soul Guides, a Spirit Animal is a teacher, messenger, omen, or guide who is there to help you in some area of your life. Which animal is your ally? Take their quiz to find out.


16 Personalities (free) – This test helps you learn more about your personality type. There are lots of other free tests, called « self discovery toolkits » on their website too.

Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Quiz (free) – Rubin’s test helps you figure out how you respond to expectations.

Feel stuck and want to change?

So you’ve figured out some stuff about yourself and recognise that there are some areas that no longer serve you. What now?

Dr Nicole LePera’s Future Self Journal (free) – Dr LePera’s downloadable journal guides you to change inner thoughts and beliefs one by one. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of her site to access the free download.