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Fit Bloc is my favourite rock climbing gym in Singapore. I mean, what’s not to love? Firstly, it’s huge! There are 4 climbing zones — 3 boulder areas and 1 tall wall area with 7 auto-belay lanes. So much climbing wall that you can’t finish everything in a 2 hour slot. Motivational quotes are also dotted all over the place to encourage you to go just that little bit farther. The facilities are also A-MA-ZING! Besides all the climbing zones, there’s a little gym (not that I use it but I’m glad it’s there just in case), a 25 m pool and a sauna. I mean like, WTF, a sauna! And all that is included in the price of the entry which is only $18 if you purchase a 10 multi pass! What a happy price!

In the 360 photo above (just click on the photo and scroll around), you can see the centre of Fit Bloc, the entrance to the “Box” climbing area and the little gym. There’s also a retail area where you can buy shoes (they carry Asakusa and Perada climbing shoes), chalk, chalkbags, hang boards etc. The stationary bikes and treadmills overlook the pool through the huge window.

A close up of the retail area
Here’ s the 25 m pool!

Here’s a 360 photo of the “Box” climbing section which is mostly slab. This is also where the campus boards and hang boards live. Click and scroll around to see the whole area.

Next up is the “Cave” climbing section where the more full-on overhangs are. You can also see the recently installed highwall lanes. There are 7 auto-belay lanes here. I use this area if my body is a bit tired and I want to keep from injuring myself from uncontrolled falls. It’s also where I practice dyno moves with the safety of the auto belay.

This final 360 photo is of the “Upper Deck” which has a shorter wall and overall looks less intimidating. I forgot to pin the photo at the right area so it’s facing the tall wall. Opps! Click and scroll around to see the Upper Deck. If you’re bringing noobs, this might be the area you want to start them at.

Problems, Grading & Resets

As with most climbing gyms in Singapore, there’s a wide range of problems here. They use a battery to grade the climbs. The fuller the battery, the more difficult the climb!

Resets for boulder walls happen on Saturdays after 5 pm and the high wall gets reset on Wednesdays.


Single day entry: $28

10x Multipass: $180

Swim entry: $10 (this is if you just want to use the pool and showers)


Fit Bloc isn’t the easiest to get to, but it isn’t too hard to reach either (I mean, it’s Singapore after all.) Kent Ridge is the nearest MRT station (CC24 – yellow line) which is an 18 minute walk away. Or you can hop onto feeder bus 92 and bus to stop 18281. If you drive, you can go all the way down Farrer Road or take the AYE. There’s plenty of parking but the carpark doesn’t connect directly to the Fit Bloc lift lobby. You’ll have to exit the building of the carpark and walk left to the next building.


Yes: Showers, changing rooms, water fountain, lockers, SAUNA (yaaaassss!), campus board, free weights, swimming pool

No: Kids climbing area

What this gym is best for

Va-Ri-E-Ty! You just can’t do everything within two hours! And if you’re body is sore and you wanna do something else, you can have a relaxing swim or open your pores in the sauna (once COVID is over… groannnn). This is a great place to visit if you’re like me and have a partner who’s not into climbing. At least they can go use the pool while you get your climb on!

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