Boulder Planet

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Boulder Planet is a huge bouldering gym in in the basement of Sembawang Shopping Centre.


There’s a good range of problems at the gym which are graded from 1 to 12. The grading felt a little bit uneven on the problems we tried (Grades 3, 4 and 5), but maybe it’s cos we’re not super seasoned climbers. There’s also a variety of ‘Wild’ problems, some of which are suitable for intermediate and beginner climbers. For the more competitive climbers, there’s a competition wall at the back of the gym with all the tougher looking stuff. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a little area right in the front for complete beginners and kids.


Single day entry: $30

10x Multipass: $220 ($22 / pass)

5x Multipass: $125 ($25 / pass)

Youth (<18 years): $18 / pass (only for certain timings)


Boulder Planet’s a little harder to access compared to some of the other gyms around the island. Bussing seems to be the best option since the bus stops are right outside the shopping centre. As for MRTs, the nearest station, Canberra, is a 15 minute walk away. If you drive, be prepared for all the traffic lights and slow traffic along Sembawang Road.


Yes: Showers, changing rooms, water fountain, free lockers

No: Training wall, free weights area

What this gym is best for

Boulder Planet is best for when you wanna spend a full day (perhaps when Covid has become endemic, lol) trying out all manner of graded problems.

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Boulder Planet

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